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Indonesia's power industry is in a stage of rapid development with the vigorous development of Indonesia's economy and the continuous advancement of industrialization and urbanization. In the field of power generation, Indonesia has a high energy endowment and a large space for power supply construction. Currently, coal power is the main power generation, and the proportion of renewable energy will increase in the future. In the field of power distribution, the topography of the Indonesian archipelago determines its distributed power grid layout. In recent years, the power The quality of supply continues to improve. In the future, the unbalanced distribution of electricity in Indonesia is expected to improve, and the demand for electricity will maintain a good growth trend.

Indonesian market situation:

1. Business opportunities in the new energy market: Indonesia is extremely rich in renewable energy resources such as hydropower, solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy, with a total reserve of 3,686 GW, but its development rate is only 0.3%. At present, thermal power still occupies a major part of Indonesia's power structure, and the total installed capacity of solar and wind power is less than 0.5GW, accounting for about 3% in total. There is huge potential for new energy development in the future.

2. Business opportunities for power grid construction: Indonesia’s electricity demand growth rate is 6.42% in the next ten years, the number of electricity consumers will increase by 16.9 million, transmission lines will increase by 57,293kms, distribution lines will increase by 472,795kms, and substation capacity will increase by 124,341MVA. The new installed capacity is 56.4GW, which will promote the continuous development of Indonesia's power industry.

3. Prospects for policy planning: The government has set the proportion of renewable energy power supply to reach 23% in 2025 and 31% in 2050. During 2026-2028, in order to maintain the proportion of renewable energy, the focus will be on the development of rooftop photovoltaics through a combination of community participation and government support.

4. Existing power generation structure: Indonesia’s independent microgrid system based on multi-energy complementary islands has a large market space. Multi-energy complementary microgrid systems such as energy storage systems will drive the development of multi-energy complementary industries through comprehensive island development.


PNE Indonesia Power and New Energy Exhibition

The Power & New Energy Expo

Name of fair:

The 5th PNE Indonesia Power and New Energy Exhibition in 2023

The Power and New Energy Expo (Indonesia)

Exhibition time:


Exhibition location:

Indonesia Jakarta International Exhibition Center


Meorient Exhibition International

Co-organizer (to be proposed):

Indonesian Solar Module Manufacturing Association (APAMSI)

Indonesian Power Company (PLN)

Indonesian Photovoltaic Association (ISEA)

Indonesian New Energy Vehicle Association

Indonesian Electrical Association

Exhibition introduction:

The 2023 PNE Indonesia Power and New Energy Exhibition is committed to providing solutions for power generation, power transmission, microgrids and floating photovoltaic projects in Indonesia, making up for the sustainable development and stability of commercial and civil power generation in remote areas and islands, and in a broader context. The field achieves the goal of "clean energy that everyone can afford". By cooperating with Indonesian EPC contractors, business association policy makers, power infrastructure project decision makers, and terminal product purchasers, we will focus on joint discussions and mutual experience sharing on China’s mature products and solutions, and provide practitioners in China’s new energy industry with Provide long-term and efficient interconnection of markets and business opportunities.


Meet nearly 13,000 professional buyers

C-level Executives CEO/General Manager Decision Maker

Government Representatives Government Representatives

Head of Procurement

Property & Facility Owners Property and Facility Operators

Energy & Facilities Managers Energy Facilities Managers

EPC Contractors EPC Contractors

Project Managers Project Managers

Operations/Tech Managers

Electrical Contractors Electrical Contractors


Gathering important local buyers in Indonesia

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