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Exhibition News | Shenzhen-India Economic and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference was successf


Exhibition News | The Shenzhen-India Economic and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference was successfully held to explore business opportunities in the Indonesian charging pile lithium battery market

"2023 China (Shenzhen·Bao'an)-Indonesia (Jakarta) Economic and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference" was successfully held in Jakarta, Indonesia on the morning of August 22, 2023. The Shenzhen Going Global Strategic Cooperation Alliance signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Indonesian Miolante to establish a normalized contact mechanism to promote Bao'an's manufacturing industry to go overseas, make full use of resources from all parties, and promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Indonesian enterprises.

Four major highlights of Indonesia’s new energy market

1. Indonesia has lowered the value-added tax on electric vehicles from 11% to 1%, and Indonesia has strong demand for electric vehicles and charging piles.

2. Indonesia strives to build nearly 25,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2030

3. Indonesia’s new policy: Provide subsidies for electric vehicles and electric motorcycles from March

4. There are currently about 3,000 charging stations in Indonesia, operated by three companies: Indonesian Power Company (PLN), Indonesian Petroleum Company (Pertamina) and EVCuzz.

11.jpegThe Indonesian Energy Conference is about to be held. The most important operator and purchaser of Indonesian electric power, PLN Indonesian National Power, Cirebon Power, and Jawa Power have all applied for a delegation to the exhibition to purchase. The 2023 PNE Indonesia Electricity and New Energy Exhibition in November invites you to meet with high-quality buyers Meet at home and help with project signing.